So. I haven’t been tweeting much these days (in case you haven’t noticed).
Here’s the deal, tweeps.
I did some thinking. Came to some much needed conclusions.
You see, I have already proved that I can condemn like nobody’s business. You all know that I can snark better than almost anyone. I can call out. And it’s a verified fact that I can get down in the dirt with the best (worst?) of them and throw some mean verbal punches.
And, in doing so, I can get bunches of likes. Scads of retweets. (Retweet still sounds like Elmer Fudd exhorting you to turn back, btw).
I can get tons of traction.
But you know what I can’t get?

Raise awareness? Bullshit.
All my internet sniping can raise is my blood pressure.
It’s nothing more than a bunch of little old ladies nattering about the new neighbors.
Whose mind am I going to change?
And, what freaking business is it of mine what other people’s minds are set on anyway?
Is kvetching about this group or that politician really going to change anything?
Is jumping up and down and hollering going to cause political parties or groups to suddenly see what I or anyone else perceives as the “error of their ways”?
Hell no it’s not.
Don’t get me wrong – some of you are masters at sharing your opinions. It’s your life’s work (some of you) and you’re damned excellent at verbalizing the angst and channeling the rage.
I’m tired of it.
I’m tired of the division.
I’m weary of the animosity.
I’m saddened to watch the sides further entrenching in their positions because of the verbal attacks.
There’s just no “there” there in all of that anger for me.
There’s no fight, no “great cause” worthy of my pulling out my soapbox and raising my tattered little banner for.
No. I take that back.
The cause worth my time, my attention, my banner raising is the human condition.
The sameness at the very core of each of our beings.
That spark of humanity, that bit of joy and love within each heart.
So instead of condemnation, I now choose compassion.
Rather than snark, I finally choose serenity.
Rather than calling out, I far prefer to choose lifting up.
From now on, I’m now using the power of the Boomity for good, not evil.
Join me?
I have cookies.


  1. catherine ryan · August 29, 2017

    Cookies? Ok fine, wine too? I’m in!

    • judiannablog · August 29, 2017

      You know, you’re welcome to follow me over at, too. (We really do have cookies there).

  2. Joel Ciszewski · August 29, 2017

    Julianna isn’t the only one who has a wicked catch phra….well, catch
    Tweet ?

    In my own right I’ve aspired, with unparalleled success, to mine:

    BammmAroooooooony !!

    Pronounced as it looks, it’s the perfect punctuation of agreement.
    We’ve all done and we’ve all used it you all just haven’t used my elite version.

    The rest of the world, when their team scores a touchdown hits a home run scores a goal hits a wicked and a cricket or whatever they do,
    it’s followed by a roaring…..
    Yessssssss !

    Which had always been just as fine,
    But just says Claire it was fine for John Adams, Thomas Jefferson would be seated by nothing other than Chardonnay.

    I’m Joel Ciszewski from Niagara Falls