Directional Changes

I often make quick notes while I’m out and about to use as fodder for future blog posts. July 20th of this year was no exception. While returning from shopping I passed by a young man, one of many in my city here in Colorado who was panhandling in front of a shopping center. As I sat waiting for the light to turn, I observed that he was clean cut, fairly well dressed and dancing to music on his not inexpensive iPod waving his obligatory “Please Help” sign each time a car would approach. However, when they’d drive by without giving him money – he’d flip them the bird.

I marveled at how he was somehow oblivious to the fact that the other people he was hoping to get donations from might be a little put-off by his gesture to non-givers. And I further noted to myself that his seeming demands for assistance without thanks might be a blog-worthy topic.

When I started my itty bitty blog many moons ago, I suppose I had visions of being the next Catty Von Snarky-Pants commenting on all things politic. I was toying with using that young man’s actions as a starting point to discuss the little-reported side effects of legalizing recreational marijuana in Colorado. I was most likely going to relate that scene to the rudeness and outright demands I’ve sadly observed on social media by those who support certain candidates, and doing so with my usual panache and flair.

While I still harbor great disdain for a certain tangerine-hued politician and his more off-putting fans, I’ve discovered that life can throw you the goshdarndest curve balls when you are least expecting them.

I’d only just arrived home that afternoon when I needed to rush hubby to the hospital for what has been, put simply, a nightmare. The column got shelved. Life as I know it got shelved.

As those of you who follow me may know, I’m a native Coloradan. Partly because of that, and partly because of my upbringing, I have an independent streak a mile wide. I’m often too hard-headed about “doing things myself” and going it alone.

The trope “It takes a Village” has always somehow bothered my innate sense of self-reliance. But suddenly, I found myself needing to (*shudder*) ask for help. My condescension of the young man I witnessed now seemed haughty. How dare I question why he needed to ask for help? Heaven knows I’ve said less than charitable things to a number of drivers en route to hospital races when hubby was in crisis. And, since the internet is forever, my less than Christian replies to certain adherents of a candidate I greatly dislike are well documented.

Over the last month I’ve been gobsmacked by the generosity of friends and strangers; humbled that my post as a tribute to my husband has been so well received; blessed with your replies, your stories, your shared experiences. And we’ve been buoyed by your prayers. My village has grown and so has my admiration for you, my fellow travelers.

So the focus of JudiannaBlog has probably taken a new course. I’m still not sure what course that will be (and I reserve the right to be snarky about politics on occasion), but for those of you who have chosen to join me on this journey, thank you. I will try to post columns worthy of your consideration, worthy of your time… and I promise to mightily resist having this blog become a maudlin experience lest I get beaned by another curve ball.