Pragmatism and the #FrenchRevolution

If the rise of Trump doesn’t for all time demonstrate the ultimate fecklessness of the GOP, nothing will. The campaign of a reckless demagogue that should have been smothered in its infancy, is now being lauded by the same elite wizards of smart as “our only chance to beat Hillary”.

Once again, conservatives will be left like Charlie Brown hoping that Lucy will actually just hold the football and let us kick it through the goalpost – knowing in our hearts that she’s going to pull it away at the last second – like always.

But I am not only a conservative, I’m also a pragmatist.

So, here is where I am in a nutshell:

No, a “white knight” is not going to sweep in at the convention in Cleveland and miraculously save us from Trump. The Only-Rubio faction and the Only-Cruz faction are too far apart to let that happen. And Trump will, once again, benefit from the rift.

No, the delegates in whom we have vested so much hope and prayer are not going to stand up to Trump, Stone and his thugs who will, mark my words, intimidate and bully them into voting en masse for Trump on the first ballot.

No, the RNC is not going to suddenly and finally grow a pair and change the rules allowing for the ouster of the Cheeto faced conman once and for all. The party elders, knowing full well that the civil war from hell would break out if the nomination were “stolen” from Trump are too spineless to even attempt anything close to reining him in either during the nomination or, heaven forbid, if he should win in November.

Trump and his ilk have already boasted that they’ve remade the GOP into Trump’s “Workers Party”. His Brownshirt mob on social media has driven even the most ardent conservatives away. He himself has said that he doesn’t want or need our votes.

The GOP will be relegated to defending this buffoon for the next six months. Even worse, since the Comboverlord has already admitted that he’s, ahem, broke – there will be no ad campaign to counter the barrage of negative news from Hillary Land and the DNC that will gloriously spend June and July “defining” Trump for what he is – a vile, vulgar, loudmouth who is supremely unqualified to lead even a White House tour, much less the greatest nation on earth.

I’ve been alternately apoplectic and dejected since that fraud clinched the necessary delegates to assure his win. The few conservative candidates that could have won overwhelmingly in November were ousted through a campaign of division and chicanery. My overriding, burning desire is for Trump to fail. Not just fail, but go down to a crashing, humiliating defeat in November and crawl back under his rock to be ostracized for all time. But to best effect that outcome, I’ve waffled back and forth, as a committed member of #NeverTrump as to which course of action (or inaction) I should take. Do I actually cast a vote for HildaBeast? Do I just not vote for POTUS and let the chips fall where they may?

My hopes for a possible Libertarian surge with Austin Peterson were also dashed. There have been reports that LP members purposely voted in Governor Johnson specifically to keep conservatives from latching on to the LP. Either way, they became a much less attractive alternative during their debates.

Either way, #NeverTrump will be blamed. You and I both know that. If he doesn’t get the win (and he won’t) – it will be our fault for handing the election to Hillary. If we sit this one out, or if we vote third party – we’ll be demonized irregardless.

That’s why the news of a possible David French candidacy has me grinning from ear to ear. If I’m going to be damned, I’m damn sure going to enjoy being damned for supporting a candidate of honor, of morals and of principle.

I don’t have to give my vote to a draft dodging compulsive liar. I don’t have to pull the lever for someone who is anathema to every basic tenet I hold. I can and will joyously campaign for a rock solid conservative who, for a refreshing change, does not have a “R” behind his name hiding a myriad of non-conservative sins.

If you listen to the main stream media sycophants of Trump, the #NeverTrump movement is only a tiny handful of people anyway. My senses tell me that there are way more of us than they’d like to have anyone know about. My senses also tell me that there just might be enough of us to put Mr. French over the top.

The Branch Trumpidians are having veritable conniption fits right now:

  • over an actual outsider
  • over an actual constitutional conservative
  • over a third party candidate that threatens to render their hostile takeover of the GOP meaningless.


They broke the GOP, they’ve bought it.

I’m going third party happily and joining the #FrenchRevolution.


  1. eagleeyeflyer · June 1, 2016

    I imagine after you read this you’ll try & block me from posting here also madam sanctimonious.. You certainly have covered your (huge is my guess) arse quite neatly covering all angles of self-pity, whining & mendacious Trump antipathy! You paint all Trump supporters as racist, gullible misogynists who have not a clue on the REAL man we support! You & haters like you are utterly deaf to all reasonable facts to the contrary hence which is why you & yours block people like me on Twitter!
    Of course this is all a giant Trump scam with his family, many different governors, senators & congressmen all in on the con right?? Yes there will be no wall, jobs, military rebuilding, helping Vets etc.. Trump is going to double cross all his friends & supporters NOT in on the scam & be the most hated man on the planet.. I’d bet good money Miss Judianna that you go to bed telling yourself such just so you’ll sleep good right??
    It’s certainly not my job and would be a gigantic waste of time to list all the good Trump has done for the military, perfect strangers in desperate need he read about, creating jobs, promoting women etc..
    No that would fall upon deaf ears & covered eyes…
    I’ll also bet good money you don’t have the courage to unblock me & honestly debate fairly on the Twitter battlefield.. No that would mean I’m totally wrong about thou!

    • judiannablog · June 1, 2016

      I’m approving this comment because you so eloquently prove my oft made point about the vile outrage and hatred coming from Trump supporters. And, as for your “honestly debate fairly” comment, why on earth would I unblock you so you can spew your filth to my followers especially when tweets like these would belie that challenge?:

      • eagleeyeflyer · June 1, 2016

        You know it’s a real shame such a passionate, skilled writer like you allows yourself to wallow in hating all things & people associated with Trump.. I’ve read all your blogs and you are quite talented in writing well thought out prose however wrong & filled with anger.. A quick read of my Twitter TL would prove I debate using facts NOT anger, demagoguery or childish name-calling.. When I find time I’ll comment honestly on some of your other illustrious blogs.. 😉

  2. David Wilson · June 1, 2016

    Judianna – I love you for this