#NeverTrump – Stuff just got serious

I love seeing the followers of the Orange One poo-poohing the #NeverTrump campaign that’s going on. They still are under the delusion that we need them more than they need us, that they’re some sort of “yuge” movement and they (and only they) are the true representatives of conservatives.

Let’s set the record straight, shall we?

“We The People”, my Aunt Fannie. You’re less than a third of the GOP, and the GOP is one-half of the two main political parties – dullards. Stop trying to co-opt that. You’re decidedly not in the majority when close to 70% of the voters voted for somebody other than Trump.

Trump blackmailed the GOP by threatening to go 3rd party & taking his precious voters with him. He brings up the “pledge” every time he feels threatened. Fine. See if you can win without the rest of *US*, jerk.

So, you think we’re bluffing? Allow me to remind you of some recent history that I am intimately familiar with – the 2010 CO governor’s race.

I was part of the overwhelming crowd that showed up at the state primary convention and got the Tea Party candidates on the ballot over the old-guard’s hand picked milquetoasts.

Unfortunately, we got all happy happy over a problematic gubernatorial candidate. We did a rotten job of vetting.

However, scant weeks before the election, the GOP and disaffected tea partiers came together and mounted a challenge to Dan Maes. The results? The 3rd party challenger got FIVE times the votes Dan did. He still lost to Hick, but – had there been more time, energy and dollars, I wouldn’t say that he could very well have won it all. Consider the sheer number of people who detest the Comboverlord – we have a much farther reach with social media, more time and a heckuva lot more money. You don’t think we’d dare run a third party challenger to Trump? Try us.

come at me

So, you little stompy foot whiners think because you have a full can of gas and you want to burn the GOP down, we should acquiesce to your wishes. I’m not giving you the matches. Indeed, I’m calling your bluff.

Go. Go third party. You need us more than we need you. And more and more in the party are realizing that we don’t need you – at all. #NeverTrump





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