The Perfect Candidate

I’ve had it.

I’m done trying to appeal to Trumpkins on grounds of common decency (they have none), religion (they’ve abdicated all sense of religiosity) or basic facts (a thousand videos and articles don’t make a shit of difference to fools with their fingers in their ears chanting “nah nah nah nah, I can’t hear you”).

So this is it. My last feeble appeal to anyone who has a functioning brain cell left after quaffing copious amounts of Trump KoolAid.

In 2008, immigration was a red-hot topic for Republicans. Through their usual chicanery and sleight of hand, the GOP presented us with John McCain as a nominee – not that “immigration is muy bueno with me” John would have stood a snowball’s change at the equator to begin with. The MSM had so thoroughly and effectively demonized GWB that Mother Theresa herself could not have won election against the Obama juggernaut.

A truly winnable election in 2012, however, was similarly thwarted with the brilliant minds at the controls of the GOP selecting the presidential candidate that year.

The base was incensed with ObamaCare; the children of privilege were hogging media time in Zuccotti Park railing against the evil billionaires and the brain trust at GOP-Central gave us….a man who was not only the father of ObamaCare (as a direct slap in the face to the base), but a billionaire who stood no chance at all against the media line of corporate greed. And, thereby, gave us another eight years of Obama.

Fast forward to 2015/2016. We have once again been presented a golden opportunity to run a conservative candidate who could kick the snot out of Bernie and his freebies and/or Hillary and her cankles. The college aged skulls full of mush are flocking to Sanders because he’s railing against the rich with even more ferocity than the Occupy Wall Street protestors did. About the only thing Bern hasn’t done yet is defecate on a police car and, frankly, I wouldn’t put that past him.

If the democrat party wanted to build the perfect candidate to run against in November, they’d create an amalgam of every mean-spirited, nasty caricature of republicans they’ve been railing against, oh, forever.

They’d find a blustering old billionaire who throws people out of his rallies. They’d create a pandering, lying, pompous arrogant fool so removed from the average man that he wouldn’t know the difference between a common man and a common common man. They’d splice together a stereotypical idiot who can’t keep his lies straight. They’d chuckle to themselves if they could find an actor who is a lifelong democrat to play that part.

Oh, wait. He just won South Carolina.