#NeverTrump – Stuff just got serious

I love seeing the followers of the Orange One poo-poohing the #NeverTrump campaign that’s going on. They still are under the delusion that we need them more than they need us, that they’re some sort of “yuge” movement and they (and only they) are the true representatives of conservatives.

Let’s set the record straight, shall we?

“We The People”, my Aunt Fannie. You’re less than a third of the GOP, and the GOP is one-half of the two main political parties – dullards. Stop trying to co-opt that. You’re decidedly not in the majority when close to 70% of the voters voted for somebody other than Trump.

Trump blackmailed the GOP by threatening to go 3rd party & taking his precious voters with him. He brings up the “pledge” every time he feels threatened. Fine. See if you can win without the rest of *US*, jerk.

So, you think we’re bluffing? Allow me to remind you of some recent history that I am intimately familiar with – the 2010 CO governor’s race.

I was part of the overwhelming crowd that showed up at the state primary convention and got the Tea Party candidates on the ballot over the old-guard’s hand picked milquetoasts.

Unfortunately, we got all happy happy over a problematic gubernatorial candidate. We did a rotten job of vetting.

However, scant weeks before the election, the GOP and disaffected tea partiers came together and mounted a challenge to Dan Maes. The results? The 3rd party challenger got FIVE times the votes Dan did. He still lost to Hick, but – had there been more time, energy and dollars, I wouldn’t say that he could very well have won it all. Consider the sheer number of people who detest the Comboverlord – we have a much farther reach with social media, more time and a heckuva lot more money. You don’t think we’d dare run a third party challenger to Trump? Try us.

come at me

So, you little stompy foot whiners think because you have a full can of gas and you want to burn the GOP down, we should acquiesce to your wishes. I’m not giving you the matches. Indeed, I’m calling your bluff.

Go. Go third party. You need us more than we need you. And more and more in the party are realizing that we don’t need you – at all. #NeverTrump





Dear Trumpkins: Kiss my …

Polling data from 2/22:

Georgia (Trump +9)
Mass (Trump +34)
Vermont (Trump +15)
N Carolina (Trump +18)
Michigan (Trump +18)
Illinois (Trump +13)

Way to go Trumpkins.

If you get your little stompy-foot wish The Comboverlord will be the GOP nominee.

Before you put down the gasoline can you’re burning the party to the ground with, allow me to remind you of a few things.

Chances are better than 80-20% that Trump will lose “Yuge” to Hillary or Bernie.

Thanks a whole heckuva lot.

That means:

Democrats will overtake the EIGHT senate seats up for grabs and regain the majority.

Democrats could stunningly overturn the majority in the House – or at least weaken the dickens out of it.

ObamaCare will NOT be repealed.

Planned Parenthood will still be funded – and providing murder on demand.

Guns? – Gone.

SCOTUS will be packed to the gills with liberals and we, our children and their children will suffer the consequences for generations.

Oh, and your precious wall? Fuggedabout it. It ain’t gonna be built. Ever.

Or, since you supposedly “born-again Christians” (yeah, right) believe in miracles – maybe, just maybe, the Orange Messiah does get elected – you know all of those democrats who regularly tuned into The Apprentice, and the wishy-washy republican RINO (“cucks”, I believe you call them/us, right?) will “see the light” and willingly board the Trump Train to immortality.

A side note – the last group of people who were ordered by storm troopers to “get on the train” following a tyrant didn’t fare so well, but I digress.

And if Trump wins?

Democrats will overtake the EIGHT senate seats up for grabs and regain the majority.

Democrats could stunningly overturn the majority in the House – or at least weaken the dickens out of it.

ObamaCare will NOT be repealed.

Planned Parenthood will still be funded – and providing murder on demand.

Guns? – Gone.

SCOTUS will be packed to the gills with liberals and we, our children and their children will suffer the consequences for generations.

Oh, and your precious wall? Fuggedabout it. It ain’t gonna be built. Ever.

You frickin’ mouth breathers have been played for patsies. And you’re endangering my future, my children’s future and my grandchildren’s future.

I despise you.

The Perfect Candidate

I’ve had it.

I’m done trying to appeal to Trumpkins on grounds of common decency (they have none), religion (they’ve abdicated all sense of religiosity) or basic facts (a thousand videos and articles don’t make a shit of difference to fools with their fingers in their ears chanting “nah nah nah nah, I can’t hear you”).

So this is it. My last feeble appeal to anyone who has a functioning brain cell left after quaffing copious amounts of Trump KoolAid.

In 2008, immigration was a red-hot topic for Republicans. Through their usual chicanery and sleight of hand, the GOP presented us with John McCain as a nominee – not that “immigration is muy bueno with me” John would have stood a snowball’s change at the equator to begin with. The MSM had so thoroughly and effectively demonized GWB that Mother Theresa herself could not have won election against the Obama juggernaut.

A truly winnable election in 2012, however, was similarly thwarted with the brilliant minds at the controls of the GOP selecting the presidential candidate that year.

The base was incensed with ObamaCare; the children of privilege were hogging media time in Zuccotti Park railing against the evil billionaires and the brain trust at GOP-Central gave us….a man who was not only the father of ObamaCare (as a direct slap in the face to the base), but a billionaire who stood no chance at all against the media line of corporate greed. And, thereby, gave us another eight years of Obama.

Fast forward to 2015/2016. We have once again been presented a golden opportunity to run a conservative candidate who could kick the snot out of Bernie and his freebies and/or Hillary and her cankles. The college aged skulls full of mush are flocking to Sanders because he’s railing against the rich with even more ferocity than the Occupy Wall Street protestors did. About the only thing Bern hasn’t done yet is defecate on a police car and, frankly, I wouldn’t put that past him.

If the democrat party wanted to build the perfect candidate to run against in November, they’d create an amalgam of every mean-spirited, nasty caricature of republicans they’ve been railing against, oh, forever.

They’d find a blustering old billionaire who throws people out of his rallies. They’d create a pandering, lying, pompous arrogant fool so removed from the average man that he wouldn’t know the difference between a common man and a common common man. They’d splice together a stereotypical idiot who can’t keep his lies straight. They’d chuckle to themselves if they could find an actor who is a lifelong democrat to play that part.

Oh, wait. He just won South Carolina.

Occam’s Evangelical Razor

I’m seeing polls showing that a “yuge” number of voters for the Comboverlord in his South Carolina primary win identified themselves as Evangelicals. I’ve spent the day perusing tweets ranging from incredulity to outright anger. As a believer in lex parsimoniae, I’d like to apply it in my take today.

What if, assuming that people were being straight with the pollsters upon their exit, an overwhelming swath of evangelicals actually did ignore almost all the tenets of their faith and gave the Orange Man their vote?

How could solid, Bible-believing Christians actually support a thrice married, much bedded, abortion supporting, casino running, foul mouthed charlatan?

My ex-sister-in-law was a staunch evangelical Christian, so I might have some insight.

In addition to her devout faith, the overwhelming focus of her church was “End Time Theology”.

That set of beliefs is that the world is entering (or is already in, to some sects) the Seven Years of Tribulation that will end with the return of Christ to earth and the final battle at Armageddon.

What if these good people have persuaded themselves that, by supporting the man who may well be the “Deceiver” of the end times, they will hasten the Rapture?

“For a time is coming when people will no longer listen to sound and wholesome teaching. They will follow their own desires and will look for teachers who will tell them whatever their itching ears want to hear. They will reject the truth and chase after myths.” 2 Timothy 4:3-4 (NLT)

Could there be a better description of the false prophet who is hoodwinking good people by filling their “itching ears” with exactly what they want to hear?

Religious leaders have preached for decades, if not centuries, that the world will be misled by the greatest false prophet in human history in the years leading up to Christ’s return.

The prophet Daniel tells us: “He will be a master of deception and will become arrogant; he will destroy many without warning.” Daniel 8:25 (NLT).

Sound like anyone we know?

Very much like the radical Islamists in Iran are awaiting the return of the Mahdi (who will usher in the final battle between good and evil in their religious texts), what if, just possibly, those hard-core Evangelicals are “playing long ball” and knowingly and overwhelmingly voting for a snake in hopes that the end times will come sooner rather than later?

What could possibly go wrong with that ever so well intentioned, albeit naive theory?

Perhaps, rather than blanket condemnation of our misguided brothers and sisters in Christ, we should remind them that the Apostle Paul warned: “He will use every kind of evil deception to fool those on their way to destruction, because they refuse to love and accept the truth that would save them. So God will cause them to be greatly deceived, and they will believe these lies. Then they will be condemned for enjoying evil rather than believing the truth.” 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12 (NLT)

If they blindly believe that their actions will eventually save the world, perhaps it’s worth reminding them that it will be at the cost of their immortal souls.

Legacies and Knotted Knickers

Perhaps my knickers are knotted even tighter than usual today. I had a phone conversation with a dear friend the other day. We’re planning on having lunch together this coming week.

My friend, my running-buddy of some three decades is my mirror image, right down to our flaming red hair and fiery dispositions. Her father was a well known GOP legislator many moons ago, and, as she is oft fond of saying, she was “born to be a Republican”. We met while we were both working in radio, and instantly hit it off. Friendship solidified by the passing of time, we stood shoulder to shoulder on the battlefield of ideas in the early days of the Tea Party.

We went to precinct meetings, attended caucuses, and we were in attendance at the state convention where the sheer number of first time TP activists visibly shocked the “old guard” who’d planned to have a three day romp while installing their mushy moderate candidates.

Most of Tea Partiers we managed to get on the ballot that year went down in defeat – partly because of GOPe chicanery and partly because, in our enthusiasm to get non-establishment candidates, we failed to vet our picks properly. But we learned. The Tea Party learned. While there have still been some TP favorites who have been less than solid; we’ve had some rousing successes as well.

We knew, as many do, that change comes incrementally. And must always come from within to be long lasting.

Several years ago, my friend was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. She underwent stem-cell therapy and chemotherapy. Her flaming red hair was gone. Her strength was sapped. But, after that nightmare was over, the disease was blissfully in remission.

Until a few months ago. It returned. With a vengeance. Her doctors said another round of treatment would, at best, slow it down – but a cure would not be forthcoming.

Mr friend, my soul-sister, my running buddy said “thanks, but no thanks” and has opted to spend what little time she has left in the care of hospice – her flaming red hair has returned. Her strength which had reappeared is now waning for the last time.

And yet, in our conversation, very little time was spent talking about her imminent passing, save her revelation that “at least I won’t be around to see what Trump will eventually do” to her beloved GOP. The GOP we’ve been fighting to change from within for years.

As I write this, the funeral for Justice Antonin Scalia is being held. One of the most solid constitutionally grounded jurists in my lifetime is being laid to rest. Justice Scalia’s opinions were not always the majority, and his dissents were legendary. Even though “his side” did not always prevail, he never gave up his ardent love of fundamental law. And the opinions he wrote for the majority reflected his knowledge and reverence for the Constitution. His passing left a void on the Supreme Court and brought home even more starkly the critical importance of the elections this year.

The other happening of note at this moment is the primary election in South Carolina. It’s no secret that I am of the opinion that Donald Trump would be an unmitigated disaster if he gains any more steam in this process. Since SC is an “open” primary (voters from the other party can cast ballots in the GOP race), and since a large swath of the Donald’s “support” comes from, shall we say, people who are decidedly not conservative – I can only guess how the final vote tally will turn out.

And, sadly, I’m seeing a candidate who has not been vetted – or worse, a candidate whose rabid supporters refuse to acknowledge any vetting that is being done on him. A candidate that has an ardent love of himself – not fundamental law (unless he can use that law for his benefit). A candidate that could care less about the constitution and whose “eloquence” is limited to profanity laced screeds at his opponents.

But I am struck by the thought that the legacies of two solid conservatives, my friend and Scalia, are in peril during this primary season.

No matter the outcome of South Carolina, I fully intend to have a decadent, long, bittersweet lunch with my buddy this week. As soon as I can get my knickers unknotted.

Pick a Peck of Pique

Many moons ago, I was a nubile young thing dating a well to do man. During the course of our relationship, he showered me with attention and a ton of very expensive gifts. Thanks to his largesse, I was the recipient of a full length chinchilla fur coat (don’t judge, PETA wasn’t a thing back then), and more baubles, bangles and beads than I could count – including a diamond and ruby bracelet, emerald earrings, and a very large, gaudy and ridiculously expensive diamond ring.

One day, two dozen roses appeared on my doorstep – with a note saying “something came up this weekend. Love you. See you Monday”

Through mutual friends, I learned the “something” that came up was a Playboy model he had flown up from Texas to spend the weekend with.

I was livid. My fit of pique fast turned into boiling rage – and, because, after all, I am a redhead, I grabbed a butcher knife and loosed my anger on the coat first. Within minutes, it morphed into an unrecognizable pile of fur and leather clasps. My fury still not sated, the roses were my next victims. I tore them stem from stem, and every prick from the thorns as I carried out my rampage only served to make me angrier.

The pièce de résistance was the jewelry – every last bit of it flushed down the toilet. I then ceremoniously deposited the fur and flower remnants on the miscreant’s porch with the card ripped in two on top.

“THAT will show him” I told myself.

Weeks went by. It was pretty evident that I hadn’t “shown” him anything. He doubtless spent more time hobnobbing with the model and I had no chinchilla coat to keep me warm. My wrist looked naked without the bracelet. And the only person that I’d hurt….was myself.

This cautionary tale is more than catharsis to me, gentle readers. It’s meant to be demonstrative of what the livid Trump supporters are doing. Yes, the GOP is worthy of contempt. Yes, the hierarchy is worthy of scorn. But the outright destruction of the party won’t hurt them. They’ll slither their consultant butts elsewhere and still make their outrageous fees. The insulated ones will retire from office with fat pensions and make gazillions as lobbyists. No – it is the little person – the average honest hard working republican (with a small “R”, thank you) who will be the one that gets hurt.

Once the party – our only avenue to fight the progressives on the left – is gone, what, pray tell, will replace it? I don’t think you’ll be happy with the answer. Rapid change, like the one you’re salivating over currently, only leads to tyranny.

Some of us have been working tirelessly since before 2008 to change the party from the inside. We’re the ones who’ve gone to committee meetings, shown up at caucuses, become precinct captains. Not because we’re dreaded RINOs – but because we know that the best way to change a party that’s moved too far to the left is from the inside – from the ground up. And we had been making strides in that direction. Look at Dave Brat. Look at Mike Lee. Look at a host of solid Republicans in the Tea Party caucus who wouldn’t have cracked the good-old-boy’s network 20 years ago.

Where were you back then? I’d wager most of you “burn the party down and spit on the ashes” types were sitting on your couch, eating Cheetos, listening to Rush/Sean/whoever, swearing at the do-nothing congress, and staying home because you didn’t like McCain – or Mitt. I guaran-damn-tee you weren’t side by side with us in the trenches fighting to take the party back from entrenched interests.

So yes, I’m getting pretty darned angry at your sudden uprising behind a charlatan who only acts as a megaphone for your rage. You’re so consumed with your justifiable anger, that you don’t see (or don’t care) what road you are embarking on.

I’ve tried to understand you. No more. I’m going to fight you tooth and nail on this one, Trumpkins. I’m not going to let your fit of pique flush the hard work that true conservatives have invested over a decade in down the toilet.

Okay, so I’m a Fuddy-Duddy, It’s still not okay.

When the brave conservatives voices at NRO came out with their “Against Trump” manifesto, I allowed my spirits to be momentarily lifted. “Finally”, I thought. “This can turn back into an election and stop being a temper tantrum”.

I hoped against hope that even more conservative voices would join in, adding their heft to the inescapable conclusion that Mr. Trump is bad news. I was wrong to have gotten my hopes up. What we’ve been treated to the past few weeks, if not outright support for this charlatan, has been more of a collective shrug. Worse, I’ve read some of my heroes on conservative blogs actually say “It’s okay – we’ve had worse”.

That does it.

Since nobody else is going to sit America down for a little Dutch-uncle talk, I guess it’s up to yours lovable truly.

Dear percentage of Americans who are still considering casting votes for this fraud (And I say this with all the caring and concern I can muster):

Are you out of your rabbit-assed minds?


It’s NOT okay to have the possible president of the United States drop the “f”-bomb.

It’s NOT okay to seriously consider a candidate for the most powerful office in the freaking world who calls people “Pussies”, “Bimbos”, “Losers”, “Clowns”, “Idiots” – need I continue?

It’s NOT okay to vote for a man (and I use the term loosely) who urges his supporters to beat the cr*p out of people at rallies.

It is NOT okay to consider a man who is more concerned with in quantum meruit than e pluribus unum.

It’s NOT okay to cast your vote for a man who attempted to throw a little old lady out of her home so he could have limousine parking for a casino.

It’s NOT okay to vote for a man who openly calls for boycotts of businesses, newspapers and networks that disagree with him.

It’s NOT okay to chance having a first lady in the White House who has appeared nude in a men’s magazine. If that qualifies me as a fuddy-duddy, then so be it. The FLOTUS should be an uplifting figure, not a figure wearing a pushup bra.

It’s NOT okay for you to vote for a con artist who is going to lose what is a hands-down winnable general election to either Hillary or Bernie because you’ve been deluded into rapture that “democrats are going to cross over and vote for him” . Yeah – IN THE PRIMARY. Screw your heads on straight. Primary, maybe. General – they’re going to go right back into the democrat fold.

It’s NOT okay for you to risk losing solid conservatives in every down-ticket race, whose chances of winning on Trump’s coattails are slim, fat and none – and slim went to lunch.

It’s NOT okay for you to risk the future of my children and grandchildren just because you think it’s funny to have an angry game show host who sends out mean tweets leading the pack.

It’s NOT okay to entertain the notion of giving control of one of the world’s strongest military forces, not to mention approximately 4,000 nuclear codes, to a man who can’t even control his temper on Twitter.

This election is not “an interesting dichotomy into the mind of the angry electorate”.

This election is not a chance to “marvel” over someone who is breaking all the rules and sticking his short, stubby vulgar finger in the eye of the “establishment”, the “media”, the who-freaking-ever.

This election is an election, dammit – our country’s future rests on the shoulders of the person who wins in November.

Stop it.

It’s NOT okay.