Weather Makers

As a lifelong resident of SoCo (southern Colorado, for you uninitiated), I’m more wary than newbie Coloradans to the weather phenomenon known as the dreaded “Albuquerque Low”

Basically, that’s a low pressure system that sets up shop a few hundred miles south of our southern border and pulls in massive amounts of moisture not only from the west coast, but also from the Gulf of Mexico. When there’s an Albuquerque Low in the winter, the resulting snowfall is often measured in feet, not inches.

I’m also reminded that rapid changes in the weather generally are a harbinger of very bad things as opposed to good ones.

Why am I waxing meteorologic?

Because, the disturbance in the political atmosphere known as Trump is akin to an Albuquerque Low. He blusters, he draws in the disparate (the all wet, IMHO), and, if left unchecked, he has the potential to be devastating.

Fortunately, in southern Colorado, there’s also the phenomenon of the “donut-hole” effect. When the wind swings around and comes out of the north, the snow/moisture gets hung up on the Palmer Divide and stops it’s march southward.

Iowa is our bell weather – a chance to turn the winds to a more favorable direction and to slow, if not completely shut off the destructive windbag that I’ve “fondly” nicknamed “The Comboverlord”.

A loss in the first caucus state is critical to stop this uncouth “force of nature”. Now, if you’ll excuse, me – I’ve developed a sudden craving for donuts.