Pay No Attention to the (Orange) Man Behind the Curtain

Well, well, well. Despite being covered on TWO competing networks, The Trumpian Love-In failed to draw as many viewers as the real GOP debate on Fox.

Couple that with reports that possibly as many as 40% of rabid online Trumpkins aren’t even eligible to vote, and the erratic, almost manic behavior of the Comboverlord of late and a picture emerges in stark contrast to what the MSM (and some soon to be discredited talkers) have been painting.

The media has a vested interest in creating an air of inevitability around Trump. After all, it was the MSM who ushered in the Age of Obama using the very same tactics. “He’s unstoppable”, they proclaimed while slavishly devoting a grossly unequal amount of coverage to Barack over all rivals and, in lockstep, the unwashed masses blithely accepted the fait accompli.

MSM-ville, as we all know, lurches violently (I was going to say “tilts”, but that’s not strong enough) to the left, and would have endless tingles coursing their lower extremities should either Hillary or Bernie become POTUS. Unfortunately, some conservative talkers have the same vested interest, IMHO. Four (or God forbid eight) years of a democrat socialist president means more ratings for them than a peaceful period of true conservative reign would. Why, there’d be no one to rail against! Oh noes!

But, reality, sometimes, actually does come to the rescue. And in ways that media talkers cannot control.

Should the con artist champion lose (and lose “yuge”) in Iowa despite his bravado and bluster, then maybe, just maybe, all those much vaunted polls showing him 15% ahead in, oh say, New Hampshire are *gasp* wrong as well? Uh-oh. And (horrors!) THAT means the polls showing him with a bazillion point lead nationally are, gulp, wrong, too?

And if he’s suddenly thrust into the category of “also-ran” (or worse) in the first three states, both his momentum and the media narrative of the invincibility of the “Teflon Don” are in jeopardy. Of course, look for the media to spout the “No winner ever comes out of Iowa” line (except that, since 1972, in contested primaries, HALF of the eventual nominees actually HAVE been the IA winners), and continue to put all of their hopes in starving the oxygen out of competing campaigns by devoting even more fawning coverage to the Orange Man.

Because, putting ratings over principles is what they do regularly. They were both blind sided and enraged by the salvo launched by 22 brave writers at NRO who drew an unmistakable line in the sand with their manifesto. And, unlike the hapless campaigns of Romney and McCain, the true conservatives in the race all have “rapid response” social media machines to effectively combat the onslaught of MSM folderol. No longer in the days of instant media do falsehoods go unchallenged for days, much less hours. Their slings and arrows have been blunted.

As much as the Wizard of Oz was only as “all great and powerful” as the projection of him on a screen appeared, Trump is nothing more than a petulant, mean, stubby fingered bully without the cameras and adoring crowds propping him up. People, real people who actually caucus and cast votes in primaries, are beginning to see it and they don’t much care for it.

Even Trump knows his limitations. That’s why this writer believes that he is intentionally sabotaging his campaign in such a way as to save face and maintain credibility with his cult-like followers.

The myth behind the man is fast unraveling.

Engage panic mode, Trumpaloompahs.

Your idol has feet of clay.